What is a Coupon Code ?

A Coupon Code is an easy way to save money. Online shops release these codes to generate more sales and we provide to publish them on PromoCoupon.co.uk for you, and it is totally free.

Coupon codes (also called promo coupons, promotional codes, promocodes, voucher, coupon or discount coupons) are more or less long alphanumeric strings that allow you to take advantage of special purchasing conditions. Examples of coupon codes are: SALE123, 50FREE, AYGGR etc.

Coupon codes can guarantee various conditions such as fixed discount, percentage discount (-5%, -30%, -50% and so on.), Free shipping, free gifts, etc .. and may cover the entire catalog of the store or any particular category .

Coupon codes can only be used on the dedicated shop and usually have a period of validity.
Some coupon codes may require one or more conditions to be valid (minimum order, product category, etc.), all the conditions are always described on the coupon page. If not specified, there should be no special conditions to enable the coupon code.

To use a discount code it is not necessary to register on our website: all our coupons are free and available 24/7.

A coupon code (promo coupon) is an easy way to save money.

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